The Western Australian Vaccine Safety Surveillance system (WAVSS) is the central reporting service in WA for any significant adverse events following immunisation (AEFI). We provide expert immunisation safety advice to reporters and health-care workers, and provide clinical services for children and adults who have experienced an adverse event following immunisation. All significant events also have de-identified details forwarded to the national medical safety monitoring system

A specialist service has been established to help immunisation providers report and look after children and adults who have had an Adverse Event Following Immunisation (AEFI).

WAVSS is supported by the WA Department of Health’s Communicable Disease Control Directorate and is based at the Central Immunisation Clinic. WAVSS can provide expert clinical review of reported adverse events, and if needed, vaccination under careful supervision in a medical facility.

Adverse events following immunisation may be due to:

  • A problem with the vaccine
  • A problem with the system delivering the vaccine (from vaccine distribution through to injection technique)
  • Coincidence: that is an event that is unrelated to vaccination and would have happened anyway

By getting as much information as we can about adverse events following immunisation, we make sure we detect possible problems with vaccines or systems as early as possible if they do occur. This will ensure WA has a safe immunisation program.